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2015 Tryouts
12's, 13's, and 14's - September 28th - 9:30-11:00 am

15, 17, & 18 Open Gym - September 28th - 11:00-12:30 pm

15-18's tryouts - Individually by request only-

In order to participate in Denver VBC's tryouts, each athlete must be registered with a current USAV number (if you participated on a club team last year, your registration number is valid until October, regardless of what club you played for). Additionally, you must be a member in good standing this is currently on hold with any other clubs.

Tryout FAQ's

Email us with questions at


Welcome to Denver Volleyball Club

Together we stand, arm-in-arm, us against the world! We are one! one team, one club, one family. We believe Each-one, can Teach-one. Every person in our club has value, strength, knowledge and power. we grow because of each other, for each other, together we crawl, sit, stand, walk, jog, run, rise and fly!


2010 Denver VBC 18's Junior National Champions